Like Never & Like Always

by True Life Trio & Gari Hegedus

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released June 10, 2016



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True Life Trio & Gari Hegedus Oakland, California

True Life Trio performs riveting, open-voice harmonies from Eastern Europe & the Americas, exploring the creative possibilities of cross-fertilization of different traditions.

Gari Hegedus plays oud, saz, violin and a range of stringed instruments from Greece and Turkey. His vast repertoire and playing styles reach as far as the Arab lands, Iran and India.
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Track Name: Somewhere Else, Altogether
“Seen Fleetingly, From a Train”

Seen fleetingly, from a train:
a foggy evening, strands of smoke
hanging immobile over fields,
the humid blackness of earth, the sun
almost set—against its fading shield,
far away, two dots: women in dark wraps
coming back from church perhaps,
one tells something to another, some
common story,
of sinful lives perhaps—her words
distinct and simple but out of them
one could create everything
again. Keep it in memory, forever:
the sun, ploughed earth, women,
love, evening, those few words
good for the beginning, keep it all—
perhaps tomorrow we will be
somewhere else, altogether.
Track Name: August Afternoon
“An August Afternoon”
An August afternoon. Even here is
the rush of the glittering Raba.
We look at the mountains,
my mother and I. How clear the air is:
every dark spruce on Mount Lubon
is seen distinctly as if it grew in our
An astonishing phenomenon—it
astonishes my mother
and me. I am four and do not know
what it means to be four. I am
happy: I do not know what to be
or happiness. I know my mother
sees and feels what I do. And I know
that as always in the evening
we will take a walk
far, up to the woods, already before
Track Name: It Will Never Again Be Like It Was
Oh mountains, my green mountains.
It will never again be like it used to be.
I shouldn’t have left mama;
I shouldn’t have gone where I went.
I shouldn’t have loved who I loved.
It will never again be like it was last year.
A wreath will never again blossom for
me on the apple tree.
Track Name: The Stone, Without Us, Are Crying
Let’s go, my son, let’s go to our homeland. Let’s go to that valley and pick
newly-sprouted khavrtsil. We pick and pick and that will save us. There the birds are singing with their beaks; the swallows are clapping with their wings. The stones, without us, are crying. Our father and mother are buried there. They are crying sweetly and calling for us with pained
voices. How can we not go to our homeland? Let’s go, my son, let’s go to
our homeland.
Track Name: Amputated Homeland
“Amputated Homeland”

in this town everyone is
unhappy on this earth
there is quiet before an
explosion yes my love I’m leaving
I am leaving across the earth
of my homeland
there everyone lives out the pleasure
of not knowing
the pleasure of losing
of not being run over by
a car of raising
unhappy children of
eating and not barng
(sorry, vomiting) not once
I am leaving my love
my homeland is where
I am
love love love
you made me happy
you made me forget everything
I will never forget that
not once
I’m leaving
Track Name: I Can't Forget
I lost my country. I cried and hurt. I feel helpless and long for things I can’t forget. I wish I could drink water and wash my eyes at the well in my yard once more. I lost my graves; I didn’t forget those I buried. I reminisce about my relatives and carry them in my little soul.
Track Name: Little Green Scarves
“The Return”

Suddenly the window will open
and mother will call me
it’s time to come home
the wall will part
and I shall enter heaven in my
muddy boots
I’ll sit at the table and churlishly
answer their questions
nothing’s the matter leave
me alone. I’ll just sit there
with my head in my hands. How can I
tell them about this long
and intricate road.
Here in heaven mothers
knit little green scarves
flies buzz
father nods by the stove
after six days of work.
No—I cannot tell them
that men jump
at other men’s throats.
Track Name: In the Deep Shade
How I’d like to go to Irin-Pirinmountain, dear mother, to Todor’s field, so that my band of men may rest there by the cool water, in the deep shade. / Don’t go to fetch water, maiden, because it’s a long way off.There stands a tall tree with deep shade around it.
Track Name: What Janina's Eyes Have Seen
What is it that Janina’s eyes haveseen? O Janina. It was on a Friday, at
Five Wells, on the mountain pass. Zenel Çelo and a companion cut through the middle of the battalion and felled the wretched pasha.
Track Name: At Night
“At Night”
I am going to leave the lamp on
next to the cradle.
I am going to rub a garlic clove
over the child’s breast.
I am going to put the broom
behind the door.
I am going to pray to God.
To drive away the child’s crying,
To drive away the bloodsucking buttery,
The vampire moth - a choxana.
Track Name: Mother, Daughter
Who is clattering in the pantry? That is our Mary, searching for her mother. She wrings her hands in despair. “Mother, where did you go? Rise from your black grave and bless your daughter who goes to her wedding.“ “Daughter, I cannot rise. I am buried under three layers: wooden planks, yellow sand, and green grass. My daughter, you must go to your wedding alone.”
Track Name: Like Never & Like Always
You will remember that leaping stream
where sweet aromas rose and trembled,
and sometimes a bird, wearing water
and slowness, its winter feathers.
You will remember those gifts from the earth:
indelible scents, gold clay,
weeds in the thicket and crazy roots,
magical thorns like swords.
You'll remember the bouquet you picked,
shadows and silent water,
bouquet like a foam-covered stone.
That time was like never, and like always.
So we go there, where nothing is waiting;
we nd everything waiting there.
Track Name: Love
Jovka of Kumanovo strolled up and down Idriz’s eld and lost her necklace. Ljatif-aga came through the field. “Don’t stroll around Idriz’s field, Jovka. I shall take you for my wife and make you my fair Muslim bride.” “I will
not change my faith for you, Ljatif. I’m already in love with someone else—Kostadin.”
Track Name: Nani
Nani, nani, who is rocking you, mother’s beautiful one in the village? Nani, nani, mother’s daughter, may you grow up to be like the light of the moon, industrious like a bee, with a mouth that speaks sweetly and a light step. Nani, nani, sleep, O my soul, may you grow up to be like the light of the